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Causes of Infertility: Types, Risk Factors, Diagnosis & Treatment

It’s common for couples to experience difficulty conceiving. In most cases, infertility is defined as a couple’s inability to conceive a child despite engaging in regular, unprotected sexual activity for more than a year. A combination of factors, including problems on both sides of the couple’s reproductive system, can cause infertility. Fortunately, numerous therapies exist that are both safe and effective. Read more about its types, associated risks, diagnosis, and treatment.


Types of infertility

Causes of Infertility

In males:

In females:

Infertility can impact either or both partners. Sometimes, a particular cause cannot be found.

Prevention of infertility

Many risk factors are associated with infertility, and keeping oneself informed can go a long way in helping one maintain their health. These include:

Diagnosis of infertility

There are various ways to diagnose infertility, including:

For males:

For females:


We hope this article helps you better understand infertility and other associated factors. It’s always better to consult experts to obtain personalized treatment and diagnosis.

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